Instructional Innovation Grant

Please be advised the Riordan Foundation is undergoing a transition and updates to our grant initiatives will be available as soon as possible. We are not accepting new funding requests until February 2018.

The Instructional Innovation (i2) Grant is a program that provides up to 50-75% of the funding for one year of a project related to improving instruction. Funding through this program is available for consultants, professional development, technology, or almost any other item relating to instructional innovation.

As a component of this grant, schools must link their goals for the project to the “Essential Competencies,” a set of skills necessary for students to acquire in order to succeed in college and the workplace. These skills are not measured by current standardized tests and include concepts such as student design/production, creativity, collaboration, and authentic learning among others.

The Instructional Innovation Grant was developed to refocus the efforts of our Computers in the Classroom and Interactive Whiteboard Grants; rather than prescribing specific technology, we hope to encourage schools to approach the foundation with their needs. Due to the broad nature of the program, the Instructional Innovation Grant is an invitation-only, challenge grant. Interested schools must attend a Grant Awareness Session and submit an Online Letter of Inquiry to receive an invitation.