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Instructional Innovation Online Letter of Inquiry

Application for the Instructional Innovation Grant is by invitation only. In order to gain an invitation, please fill out the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) below.


Please read over the form below and have all answers and documents prepared before beginning.

LOIs are due by midnight on Friday, January 27, 2017. Applications will be emailed to invited candidates on February 15th.

Only submit one LOI per school.

For more information about the Instructional Innovation Grant, please click here.

Basic Information
Eligibility Information
Not sure? Compare the chart on page 3 of this document to the demographics of your school.
Please note, to be eligible for the Instructional Innovation Grant at least 50% of students must qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch.
If yes, please indicate the year and grant program:
Project Concept
Which of the following best describes the project to be funded:
For example: increased attendance, engagement, critical thinking ability, college-readiness, etc.
If yes, please explain:
No file selected
  • I understand that an invitation to apply to the Instructional Innovation Grant does not guarantee funding.
  • I understand this grant is a challenge grant. If my school is awarded funds, we must submit our challenge portion in the form of a check or purchase order to the foundation. NO OTHER FORM IS ACCEPTABLE.
  • I understand that if I win the grant I will be notified by May 8, 2017 and that the challenge is due by September 1, 2017.