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Application Criteria Posted for a Limited Time

In an effort to answer questions regarding the selection process for our Instructional Innovation grants, we have listed the categories of our rubric. Please understand that we post this information after the application period in order for schools to determine the areas in which they may need improvement. As such, The Riordan Foundation will not answer specific questions as to why a specific application was denied.

Please note that posted information is available for a limited time only.

Applications were rated in the following categories:

o Project Vision
o Justification of Investment
o Timeline and Scale
o Decision Process
o Leaders
o Succession Plan
o Clarity of Teacher Role
o Professional Development
o Research
o Shift from Traditional Classroom
o Details of Learning Environment
o Vendor Selection & Research
o Sustainable Finances
Goals & Measures
o Consistent Goals & Metrics
o Essential Competencies
o Procedures for Evaluation