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Founded in 1981, The Riordan Foundation (TRF) is the creation of former Los Angeles Mayor and California Secretary of Education, Richard J. Riordan. Originally established to support the development of early literacy skills in young children, our focus has continued to evolve. Today, TRF emphasizes support in the areas of pre k-12 education, college success and workforce education.

The Riordan Foundation/ Riordan Private Foundation

  • 1981- 1988 “The Richard and Jill Riordan Foundation”
  • 1988- 2014 “The Riordan Foundation”
  • 2014 “The Riordan Foundation” becomes known as “Rx for Reading”
  • 2015 “The Riordan Foundation” dissolves

RX For Reading (after 2015 dba The Riordan Foundation)

  • 1989 – present
  • 2015- present: ”Rx for Reading” is doing business as “The Riordan Foundation”